Provides real-time access to AfriTox via the internet. It requires a continuous, reliable internet connection. It is designed for a single subscriber who can use it on a smart phone or personal computer, or both. Although it works well on a smart phone, it is better on a device with a larger screen. The device will choose which of these two versions of AfriTox will work best.


Downloads all the information in AfriTox onto a desktop or laptop computer. It does not require continuous internet access. It can be used at any time, and lets everyone who works in a clinical unit have access to AfriTox.
Whenever AfriTox OFFLINE is in use, it searches for an active internet connection and updates itself automatically. It must be connected to the internet at least once a month.

How your AfriTox ONLINE subscription works:

AfriTox ONLINE only allows a single user to access AfriTox at any one time. If you want to use AfriTox on multiple computers within one practice you need additional user accounts, and you might find that AfriTox OFFLINE will be more suited to your requirements.

The cost of subscribing to AfriTox ONLINE is R950.00 per annum.

How your AfriTox OFFLINE subscription works:

Each clinical unit pays an annual fee for a site licence for AfriTox OFFLINE. This site licence allows for multiple installations of AfriTox within the clinical unit. An Emergency Unit can therefore buy one licence and use AfriTox OFFLINE on several devices within the unit simultaneously.
AfriTox OFFLINE is available to South African state hospitals for no charge. State hospitals in neighbouring countries may be eligible for a reduced subscription rate. Email us to find out about this.

The cost of a single site licence to AfriTox OFFLINE is R12,500.00, with a sliding scale fee reduction per additional site.

How to subscribe to AfriTox ONLINE:

How to subscribe to AfriTox OFFLINE:

The head of a hospital clinical unit needs to apply for a site licence for the installation of AfriTox on one or multiple computers in that unit. The head of the unit will sign a Confidentiality Agreement with the University of Cape Town to guarantee that AfriTox will be used by health professionals only for the treatment of poisoned patients.

Please send us an email to start this process.

AfriTox subscriptions are payable annually in advance and run from 1st April to 31st March to tie in with our financial year. Subscription fees will be pro-rated if you sign up during the course of the year.

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