We are extremely grateful for significant financial contributions we have received from a number of sources. It is not possible to recognise all of them publicly.

Since January 2014, the Western Cape Department of Health has supported the salaries of our full staff complement. Prior to this, funds from private donors were used to pay the salaries of two staff members.

Computers and reference sources are purchased using donor funds, and are maintained and supported by the University of Cape Town.

Funds to support the development of AfriTox into a web-based system were raised by the Children's Hospital Trust through the Guardians Fund and other fundraising projects. The work was undertaken by EOH Microsoft Coastal at a reduced rate as a philanthropic gesture.

Anyone can make a donation to support AfriTox through The Children's Hospital Trust.

Many manufacturers actively partner with us by ensuring that we have up to date details of their products on a regular basis. We would really like all companies to partner with us in this way.

Retailers and manufacturers of those cosmetics, cleaning and automotive products typically found in the home or garage, need to ensure their product details are on AfriTox. This makes it possible for doctors to assess how toxic a product is, and to advise or treat adults and children who have accidentally or intentionally been exposed to them. It is crucial that this information be updated regularly. We keep any sensitive information confidential.

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Western Cape Government

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