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Saving Lives

AfriTox helps doctors in Southern Africa treat patients exposed to any substance in our region. It focuses on local medicines and commercial products (using South African trade names), local plants, bites and stings. The treatment protocols are tailored to local conditions, are clearly presented and easy to interpret.

Social Responsibility

Nobody wants to be the cause of a tragedy, but accidents happen. Products can be misused and can cause harm. If manufacturers tell us what is in their products, we can tell doctors precisely how safe or toxic the products are. Very few manufacturers refuse to help us. Obviously we keep the information confidential. We've done that for 40 years.


Generous financial support from individual donors, a few companies and The Children's Hospital Trust has enabled the Poisons Information Centre to grow AfriTox steadily over the years. We now serve the whole of South Africa. Donor funding is key to keeping AfriTox afloat. If you can help, ask us about our projects: email us at


AfriTox poisons information database can only be used by registered health practitioners. For this reason access is limited to subscribers only. Members of the public needing advice on possible poisoning need to phone the Poisons Information Helpline of the Western Cape on 0861 555 777 (24 hrs) or use AfriTox MinTox for advice on minimally toxic substances.


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